Oil analysis DPH

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Periodic diagnostic test on the refrigerant oil in a circuit. The values obtained are compared with both standard values and Climalife recommendations.

DPH A = Appearance + viscosity + acid index + water content + elements indicating wear + additives + contaminants.

DPH B =Same as DPH A + dielectric constant.

DPH E = Used to determine the percentage of oil remaining after a retrofit. Physico-chemical state is compared with a control sample.

DPH R = After DPH E only, determines the percentage of the original oil remaining after the subsequent operations to change the oil.

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Reference Product Packaging
875 DPH A One 60 ml bottle +
876 DPH B One 500 ml bottle +
877 DPH E Three 60 ml bottles +
3978 DPH R One 60 ml bottle +