Internal cleaning of refrigeration systems Nettogaz GC+

NETTOGAZ GC+ is designed for the internal cleaning of refrigeration and air conditioning systems with a small volume (for industrial applications see Facilisolv®).



Developed by Climalife, it eliminates calamines, impurities (water or solid particles) present in systems before or after an incident. Its excellent cleaning power makes it particularly effective on all common refrigeration lubricants.

The properties of GC+ allow for simple use.



Product Packaging Charge


Nettogaz GC+
Friocatch 14 kg +


Nettogaz GC+
27 L cylinder 26 kg +

Nettogaz Greenclean

Nettogaz Greenclean is an internal cleaning detergent for refrigeration installations. Necessary in some cases of pollution.


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Recovery drum for Nettogaz GC+

For the recovery of used GC+

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Connection Kit for Nettogaz GC+

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