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Climalife Contact N ° 12 is published!

The establishment of quotas for tonnes of CO2-equivalent (tCO2eq) emissions have a major impact on the refrigeration and air conditioning industry.

On the market, this has resulted in a shortage and a spike in prices, particularly for high-GWP refrigerants, like R-404A.

To fix this problem, it is important to act now. More than ever, companies need to work fast to educate those who own cooling equipment.

We have therefore dedicated this issue to the many alternative solutions to help you choose the best environmental and energy alternative.

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Climalife Contact N ° 11 is published!

“R-404A: retrofit now for peace of mind in 2018!” - this is the challenge for everyone involved in the profession! In this edition, discover how to manage the use of the new refrigerants and which solutions to choose to replace the R-404A. And for daily help, don't forget to download the special mobile applications for refrigeration technicians!

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Climalife Contact 10 is now available!

Heat transfer has the wind in its sails!  You'll see in this new issue of Climalife Contact how heat transfer fluids are being recognised.  Read the magazine and our latest case studies and you'll find out why manufacturers are turning to plant-based fluids.

Plus, the magazine has a new design!  Great new look, same great content!

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