HFC R-410A

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R-410A is a near azeotropic blend mainly used in new air conditioning systems.

It is used in small power air conditioning and industrial refrigeration sectors.

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Reference Product Packaging Charge
7242 R-410A Cubikool® 10kg +
7712 R-410A Friostar® 16 kg +
4011 R-410A 52 L cylinder 40 kg +
6617 R-410A 448 L container 360 kg +

Pack of 3 hoses 90 cm R-410A (29483) valves

R410A special.

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Pack of 3 hoses 150 cm R-410A (29485) valves

Special for 410A

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Recovery unit Recover XLT

Dry piston compressor protected by a constant pressure switch (guaranteed for 3 years).

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