You are a building maintenance company

Climalife, your close partner in the challenges you face, shares your approach to progress and your objectives and provides effective solutions for you, saving energy through innovation and respecting the environment.


Climalife, des solutions pour la maintenanceEfficient and energy-saving solutions


Improve the COP performance coefficient of your systems with Nettogaz GC1, Facilisolv, Duonett® D7,...

Replace R-22 with our substitution fluids (R-427A, R-422A, R-422D, R-417A,...).

Optimize your systems with our range of tests: DPH, kit APC, particle count.

Control the efficiency of your systems with our stationary (Murco) or portable (DDH2) leak detection products.

Control the hygiene of your equipment with our Frionett® series products (Frionett® 2 RTU, Frionett® Germ,...).

Innovative solutions

Use "NRE" technical fluids for your solar panels, heating or cooling floors, geothermal needs, and domestic hot water (DHW) systems: Heliogel® CS80, Neutraguard®, Neutragel®,...


Solutions which respect the environment

Use green products for your heating and air-conditioning systems: Thermera® R or AC.

Manage your specialized industrial waste (chlorinated or non chlorinated fluids, glycol, oils, ...) with our procedures...

... Our plants are rated "Certified for the Protection of the Environment" and provide you with personnel and equipment for complex or labour-consuming tasks.


Climalife, part of your team for the challenges you face