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You are a design and engineering bureau

Climalife, the benchmark point of contact to help you supervise and implement in the fields of refrigeration, air-conditioning, heating, ventilation, specific fluids, ...

Effective tools

Climalife, des solutions pour les fabricants

Use our professional software to calculate charge losses, thermodynamic cycles, equipment size,... and to optimize your setup: Refrich@rge, Thermofluid, Cooltool, ...

Take advantage of our specific technical support for refrigerant fluids: blue book, pressure/temperature minor bar, enthalpy diagrams,...

Find product datasheets, SDS, updates on regulations, case studies, and references easily at


Pioneering energy-saving solutions

A complete range of refrigerant fluids which comply with European regulation 2037/2000 (R-134a, R-410A, R-404A,...)

NRE technical fluids for solar panels, heating floors, ECS networks: Heliogel® CS80, Neutraguard®, Neutragel®,...

Products which respect the environment: Thermera® R or AC, Temper®, Alcali, ...


Skills at your service

Technical experts to advise you throughout the design, modelling, and production phases of specific systems.

Teams dedicated to industrial waste management in building renovations.

Teams for writing legal texts and checking regulations.


Climalife, your one-stop contact for thermal engineering