You are a distributor

Climalife, your partner for expansion, is there to provide solutions adapted to your market and to answer all your questions.

"Labelled product" solutions

Climalife, des solutions pour les fabricants

Set yourselves apart from your competitors by working with us to design innovative products: coolants, descalers, deoxidizers, ...

Expand your portfolio with specific brand products (refrigerating fluids, brazings, cleaning products, ...) 

Create your sales support tools with the support of our marketing and communications department.


Implementation solutions


Replace R-22 with the substitution fluid suitable for your client application (R-427A, R-422A, R-422D, R-417A,...)

Use our cleaning products (Nettogaz GC1, Facilisolv, Frionett®,...) to improve system performance

Take advantage of Climalife's staff and their technical experience (modelling, conversion, ...) and know-how (fluid recovery, recycling, destruction,...)

Use a packaging fleet of more than 200,000 certified bottles.

Technical and regulatory solutions


Revitalize your sales force through training provided by Climalife.

Keep your clients and teams informed about professional development with our hands-on technical workshops.

Enjoy direct access to product datasheets, including SDS and updates on regulations on our site

Climalife, the partner for your future