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Newsletter - March 31, 2009

Climalife launches the hungarian version of its website

Climalife, the European leader in refrigerant fluids and part of the Dehon group, launched in March 2009 alongside the French, English, German and Dutch languages the new Hungarian language website.  On this website :

  • Ready to use information
  • Innovating e-services

Discover the Hungarian version of www.climalife.dehon.com

A reconversion carried out in extreme cold

Roebroek, is an agricultural company based in the small village of Uithuizen in the far north-east of the Netherlands, specialized in cultivating winter carrots and potatoes to be planted.  The latter are stored in an air conditioned room to be replanted the following season.

Concerned by the approaching of the expiration date of R-22...

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Heat Transfer fluids : Special formula for TDF transmitters

October 2008 : Climalife, part of the Dehon group, interved on the site TDF in Rheims for an operation of draining and refilling 200 litres of glycol containing special additives to cool the two networks of amplifiers of transmitters.

The company Thalès (Thomson) which is responsible for all site maintenance called in Climalife to provide a heat transfer fluid with a special formula....


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Galco-Climalife attending the International Exhibition for Refrigeration in China

Galco-Climalife will be attending the 20th International Exhibition for Refrigeration, Air-conditioning, Heating  and Ventilation, Frozen  Food Processing, Packaging and Storage, one of the  most significant  exposition  HVAC & R Industry in the Far East.

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