Water treatment for heating and cooling closed loops Thermonett® Sludge Remover

Non-acidic product with neutral pH, it restores a system heat balance by eliminating the build up of sludge (magnetite) and ensures the quick and easy removal of cold spots.

Thus real savings on primary energy can be achieved. Dose of 1% of the system volume. Approved by the DGS (French Health Ministry).



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Product Packaging


Thermonett® Sludge Remover
20 L can +

Thermonett® Protector

Conceived to protect air conditioning systems and direct central heating installations, including those containing aluminium components.

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Concentration test Thermonett®

Checks the level of protection of Thermonett® Protector to anticipate future maintenance treatments.

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Thermonett® Sludge Separator

The sludge pot efficiently captures the debris in suspension.

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