Water treatment for heating and cooling closed loops Thermonett® Sludge Separator

The sludge pot efficiently captures the debris in suspension.

Located on the return line and at the lowest point to reach 100% of the flow. It causes no pressure drop (0.02 bar) and does not interfere with the flow when full. Equipped with a magnetic bar to optimize the collection of metallic oxides.

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Product Packaging


Separator Zum 25
unit +


Separator ZUM 32
unit +


Separator ZIO 50F
unit +


Separator ZIO 65F
unit +


Separator ZIO 80F
unit +


Separator ZIO 100F
unit +


Separator ZIO 125F
unit +


Separator ZIO 150F
unit +


Magnetic Unit ZIMA 125-200
unit +


Magnetic Unit ZIMA 50-100
unit +

Thermonett® Protector

Conceived to protect air conditioning systems and direct central heating installations, including those containing aluminium components.

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Thermonett® Sludge Remover

Non-acidic product with neutral pH, it restores a system heat balance by eliminating the build up of sludge (magnetite) and ensures the quick and easy removal of cold spots.

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Concentration test Thermonett®

Checks the level of protection of Thermonett® Protector to anticipate future maintenance treatments.

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