Vacuum pumps Vacuum pump 2VP42 EV

2 levels 42L/min. All fluids, evacuates to < 25 microns (0,034mbar).

 Flare joint 1/4"M. Rib cooling, easily accessible for filling and emptying.  With vacuum gauge.

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Vacuum pump 2VP42 EV
unit 7,2 kg +


R-22 is a "hydrochlorofluorocarbon" refrigerant with high latent heat of vaporisation used for domestic, commercial and industrial air conditioning.

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R-422D (FreonTM MO29)

R-422D (FreonTM MO29) is a zeotropic HFC blend designed as a direct replacement R-22 in direct expansion (Dx) refrigeration and air conditioning systems. It can also be used in water chillers but care is sometimes needed with the expansion device.

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R-427A is a zeotropic HFC blend which has been designed to replace R-22 (HCFC) by conversion of existing systems or for use in new systems. It may be used in direct expansion refrigeration systems and air conditioning.

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